Kingdoms War
Invasion and Return
Special Features
Earning Points
End of the Kingdoms War


The Kingdoms War is a worldwide Tournament where the Lords of one Kingdom can fight against the Lords from another Kingdom. To find out the dates, tasks, and rewards of the current Kingdoms War, go to the Kingdoms War section in the Events window.

This Tournament consists of three rounds. Each of them lasts for 16 hours. The Kingdom that wins two rounds gains victory in the Tournament.

You need to be an Order member to take part in the Kingdoms War: Retribution. This way, you can earn points in your home Kingdom and in enemy Kingdoms. To relocate to the latter, use the Invasion item.

You can find out which Kingdom you will have to fight against as follows:

  • Go to the World Map – you will see the arrow between the enemy Kingdom and yours
  • Go to the Events window, select the Kingdoms War section, then the Kingdoms tab

Please note that a Kingdom cannot take part in the Kingdoms War if it was founded less than 30 days ago.

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