Kingdoms War
Invasion and Return
Special Features
Earning Points
End of the Kingdoms War

Earning Points

During the Kingdoms War, each of the sides in the conflict receives special points. Points are given to Lords for completing Tournament tasks.

The winner is the Kingdom that earns the most points.

To bring your Kingdom closer to triumph, earn points for the following actions:

  • Attacking resource locations in the enemy Kingdom
  • Attacking Assailants, Alpha Assailants, and Apostates in the enemy Kingdom
  • Destroying warriors of an enemy Kingdom (either in your home Kingdom or in enemy lands)

Pay attention to the conditions for adding points.

If you join an Order in the 30 minutes before the Tournament is announced in the Events window, you won't receive points for personal and Order achievements, even if you complete all the tasks, nor will you earn points for your Kingdom.

If you leave your Order before the Kingdoms War ends, you will lose your points for personal achievements. In addition, you will stop earning Personal and Order points, as well as points for your Kingdom.

If you are not an Order member when the Kingdoms War begins, you won't earn any points, including Kingdom points.

If you relocate to another Kingdom after the Tournament has been announced (using the Carriage item), you will no longer be able to participate in it. If you relocate during the Tournament, you will lose points for personal achievements. In addition, Lords who attack your Town won't get points for doing so.

This means that in order for the points you earn to count, you must be an Order member at least 30 minutes before the Tournament is announced in the "Soon to be active" section of the Events window.

Please note that warriors from the opposing Kingdoms can still gain points by attacking Lords who are not Order members, or who left or joined an Order in the 30 minutes before the Tournament was announced.

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