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Earning points

In the worldwide Kingdoms War: Rebellion Tournament, you can earn points either in enemy Kingdoms or in your home Kingdom. You get points for:

  • Yielding resources in enemy Kingdoms*
  • Destroying warriors from enemy Kingdoms
  • Destroying rebels in Rebels' Towers
  • Attacking Assailants, Alpha Assailants, and Apostates in the enemy Kingdoms

* Rebels' Towers are Castles; they are not resource locations. If you attack one successfully, this doesn't mean that you have yielded resources.

Important! You can attack Lords from your homeland in an enemy Kingdom but you won't get points for doing so.

All Lords, Orders, and Kingdoms that take part in the Tournament earn points. The Kingdom Points are the total points of all the Kingdom's Lords added together.

The number of points earned by enemy Orders and Kingdoms remains unknown until the end of the Tournament.

During the Tournament, points are earned according to specific rules:

  • Lords who are Order members earn Personal, Order, and Kingdom points.
  • Lords who are not Order members don't earn any points, including Kingdom points.
  • If Lords join an Order in the 30 minutes before the Tournament is announced, they won't earn Personal and Order points, nor will they earn Kingdom points.
  • Lords who were exiled from their Order or left it during the Tournament won't get any points, including Kingdom points.
  • Lords who changed their home Kingdom during the Tournament don't earn any points.

Please note that warriors from the opposing Kingdoms can still gain points by attacking Lords who are not Order members, or who left or joined an Order in the 30 minutes before the Tournament was announced.

Important! You will get a reward for personal achievements only after the Tournament has finished, if your Kingdom takes first or second place in the Kingdoms War: Rebellion.

Tasks for the Kingdoms War: Rebellion may be the same as those for other Tournaments. Points for completing such tasks will be added for all Tournaments.

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