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Report features

Military reports on attacks, Raids, and espionage on Rebels' Towers are different from normal ones:

  • In the event of a successful attack or Raid, the box with the number of Trophies of Arms that were obtained appears in the report.
  • In the event of a failed attack or Raid, information about the troops that are in the Rebels' Tower is not displayed.
  • In the event of a successful attack or Raid on a Rebels' Tower where only rebels have been, the Castle's icon will appear instead of the Order name in the enemy info box. Tapping it opens the Rebels' Tower info window.
  • Information about rebel troops is not displayed regardless of whether an espionage attempt succeeds or fails.
  • If the Rebels' Tower has been captured by another Order, the characteristics of the warriors are not displayed in the box of additional information.

Reports on successful battles for the Rebels' Tower are similar to the reports on successful battles for the Eternal Stronghold.

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