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End of the Kingdoms War: Rebellion

If you are in an enemy Kingdom when the Tournament ends, your Town will automatically be returned to your home Kingdom. It will appear in place of the Town's Shadow, which prevents other Lords from capturing your territory on the Kingdom map.

All actions that you were performing on the Kingdom map when the Kingdoms War: Rebellion ended will be canceled. Your army will immediately return to your Town and then to your home Kingdom along with it.

In the Kingdoms War: Rebellion, rewards are divided into four types:

  • Rewards for checkpoints (from 1 to 10). They go to Lords who are Order members and who have earned at least one point in the Tournament. To view the reward, maximize the checkpoint box.
  • Rewards for legendary checkpoints (from 11 to 15). They go to Lords who have earned a certain number of points for personal achievements in the Kingdoms War: Rebellion. In the Tournament window, these checkpoints have a special frame. Note: if the necessary number of points for personal achievements hasn't been earned, you won't receive rewards for legendary checkpoints even if your Order wins.

  • Rewards for taking top positions in the Kingdoms War: Rebellion ranking. If an Order took a top place in the ranking, all Order members who earned at least one point in the Tournament receive a reward. The reward depends on the Order's League and the place taken by the Order.
  • Rewards for victory in the worldwide Kingdoms War: Rebellion Tournament. Kingdoms that have taken first or second place, get access to level 9 and 8 Great Resource Locations respectively. All Lords from the victorious Kingdoms also receive unique bonuses. You can learn more about them in the special tab of the Events window.

Great Resource Locations appear for five days. They disappear earlier if the resource there runs out. Locations cannot disappear while a Lord's troops are present at them.

The number of locations on the Kingdom map is limited. If a location runs out of resources, new locations don't appear.

In level 8 Great Resource Locations, yielding speed is increased 10 times; in level 9 locations – 20 times. By yielding resources there, you can get Great Coffers with the Sulfurum or Empire Ingot items. The former is needed for conducting Tier VII Warrior Studies, and the latter for upgrading buildings from level 32 to level 35.

Kingdoms can earn the same number of points. In this case, the top positions will be awarded to the Kingdoms with the lowest identification numbers (allocated according to when the Kingdom was founded; older Kingdoms have lower ID numbers).

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