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After the Order Citadel reaches level 4, the Arena will be available to be constructed. This building will allow the Master and Counselors to announce Championships, during which Order members can fight foreign troops and armies of other Lords in the Citadel.

To construct the Arena and conduct Championships, you will need a special item — Glittering Dust.

A Championship lasts for 2 hours from the moment it's announced. After the Championship is over, this function of the Arena will only be restored after a period of time. The Order Citadel cannot be attacked during this time.

When a Championship is announced, information about it appears in chats. Order members also get system messages in their Mail, at which point foreign troops, which come from various points on the Kingdom map, start attacking the Citadel.

The number of attacking troops increases with each new level of the Arena:

  • At level 1 only the Baronet's troops attack the Order Citadel
  • At level 2 the Baron's troops join the Baronet's troops
  • At level 3 the Viscount's troops
  • At level 4 the Earl's troops
  • At level 5 the Marquess's troops
  • At level 6 the Duke's troops

At all levels of the Arena, the scouts of foreign troops can attack your Order Citadel. Only your scouts fight against them.

For defeating foreign troops, you will get Trophies of Arms and points for killing warriors from enemy Kingdoms in the corresponding Tournaments.

Lords from other Orders can also attack the Citadel while the Championship is active.

You can send reinforcements to protect the Order Citadel at any time.

Please note: if your defense fails during a Championship, your Order Citadel won't lose anything except for its defensive troops.

The Marches tab in the Arena contains detailed info about troops attacking the Order Citadel during the Championship.

When the Citadel is being attacked, the march boxes are highlighted with a frame of the corresponding color. Foreign troop marches are highlighted in yellow, and marches of enemy Lords – in red.

If the enemy troops approach the Order Citadel, then the edges of the screen will be highlighted in yellow, or in red if an Order member's Town is attacked.

Please note the following:

  • You can attack the Order Citadel, perform espionage, and send resources and reinforcements to it only if it is located in the same Kingdom as you.
  • You can only announce a Championship in your home Kingdom.
  • You cannot disband an Order or destroy its Citadel while a Championship is active.
  • You cannot announce a Championship if the Order has been disbanded or its Citadel has been destroyed.
  • A Counselor cannot announce a Championship if they're currently being expelled from the Order or demoted.
  • If a Lord leaves their Order when a reinforcement troop is being formed, it will be impossible to send these troops.
  • When an ally is expelled from the Order, any troops they have stationed in the Citadel return to their Town.
  • If the Citadel defense failed, reinforcements will return to their Towns. They also will be dismissed if the Order has been disbanded or its Citadel has been destroyed when a Championship has not been announced.

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