Order Citadel
Constructing the Citadel
Citadel Buildings
Special Resources
Exiling from the Order Holdings
Creating Technologies and crafting equipment from the Arsenal
Crafting and upgrading traps

Citadel Buildings

In the Order Citadel you can construct and upgrade the buildings listed below.

Town Hall

This is the main building of the Order Citadel, where you can view your stats and other key information. Upgrade the Town Hall to be able to construct and upgrade other buildings. Remember that as your Town Hall reaches new levels, the size of your Order Holdings and the number of bonuses they bring will increase.

Scholars' Hall

Here you can conduct special Studies to enhance many important stats. Upgrade the Scholars' Hall to unlock new Studies and speed up the studying process.

Resource Warehouse

This building holds all the resources and Drafts sent to the Citadel by Order members, as well as special resources produced in the Citadel. Upgrade the Resource Warehouse so that each Order member can send more resources at a time.

Transformation Guilds

The Order Citadel contains buildings where normal resources are transformed into special ones: the Provisions Guild transforms Food into Rations, the Joiners' Guild – Lumber into Planks, the Blacksmiths' Guild – Iron into Cast Iron, the Hewers' Guild – Stone into Marble, and the Mint – Silver into Tokens.


The fate of Lords who are not members of your alliance but whose Towns are located in the Order Holdings is decided here. You can exile them, relocating them to a random spot on the Kingdom map. The higher the Tribunal level, the greater the area that falls under its influence.

Please note: after any Order member exiles an opponent from the Order Holdings, the Tribunal's function will be unavailable for a while.

The Arsenal

The Arsenal is the building where new Technologies are created. They allow Order members to craft special Hero's equipment in their own Workshops.


In the Arena, the Master and Counselors can announce Championships. During Championships, the Order members fight armies of other Lords and foreign troops in the Citadel. When the Arena's level increases, the foreign troops become more powerful.

In the Trap Workshop, the Order's Master and Counselors can craft and upgrade traps, which are needed to reinforce Fort defenses in the Battle on the Isles. This building can be constructed from the Order Citadel level 1.

To craft and upgrade traps, you will need transformed resources, Drafts, and Glittering Dust.

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