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Creating Technologies and crafting equipment from the Arsenal

New Technologies are created in the Arsenal. They enable each Order member to craft special equipment for their Hero in their own Workshop — equipment from the Arsenal.

In the Technologies tab, there are several equipment categories:

  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Talismans

 Each category contains a list of Technologies that are sorted according to their status:

  • Unavailable
  • Being created
  • Available

To create a Technology, you need a certain amount of special resources along with Diamonds. You can get them by attacking Alpha Assailants or purchase them:

  • In the Order Store for Personal Points
  • As part of Bank offers

Only the Master and the Counselors can start the Technology creation process. Other members can reduce its time by using speed-ups for the Order Citadel.

After the Technology is created, all Lords who are members of the Order get a system message via Mail.

There are two ways to start crafting equipment from the Arsenal:

  • Go to the Technologies tab and tap the "Workshop" button in the available Technology field.
  • Go to the Workshop in your Town, tap the Equipment tab, select one of the categories (Helmets, Armor, Weapons, Shields, or Talismans) and then select the "Equipment from the Arsenal" subcategory.


There is a combination of four out of five possible components used to craft equipment from the Arsenal:

  • Standard material
  • Assailant's material
  • Standard equipment
  • Assailant's equipment
  • Equipment from the Arsenal


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