Battle for Avalon
Town relocation
Avalon Towers
Features of attacks, Raids, and other types of marches
Scoring points
End of the Tournament and rewards

Scoring points

In the Battle for Avalon era-defining Tournament, your Order earns points for each Avalon Tower that it holds.

Points are awarded to you only if an Avalon Tower is captured by a member of your Order, i.e. the relevant Order member has organized a successful Raid.

Your Order won't earn points by sending troops on a Raid that has been organized by a member of your Pact, even if your Pact captures an Avalon Tower.

You can find information about checkpoints and holding statistics in the "Info" and "Holding statistics" tabs, in the Tournament window.

The information in the "Holding statistics" tab is updated after a specific period of time or when you lose control over an Avalon Tower.

You can see the position that your Order took in the Tournament rankings only after the Battle for Avalon is over. If your Order takes a top place in the rankings, all Order members will receive a message about the rewards.