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Crafting equipment

To craft equipment, go to the Equipment tab in the Workshop. Various materials can be used for crafting. You can get these materials by performing game actions or buying Chests of Materials in the Item Store for Gold. To craft equipment, you need to have the quantity of materials specified in the recipe, as well as Silver. The material type defines the size of the bonus that the crafted piece of equipment will grant.

The types of equipment that exist in the game are listed below.

Standard equipment: this is crafted from standard materials that you can get by accomplishing Errands, attacking Assailants and Alpha Assailants, and purchasing Chests of materials in the Item Store for Gold, or in the Order Store for Personal Points.

Assailants' equipment: to craft this equipment, the Assailants' materials are required. You can get these by attacking Assailants and Alpha Assailants, and also in their Camps.

Equipment from the Arsenal: to craft this, you need the Technologies available in the Order Citadel, as well as certain components, depending on the recipe. They can be: a standard material, Assailant's material, standard equipment, Assailant's equipment, or equipment from the Arsenal. This type of equipment is only available to Order members.

Inquisitors' equipment: to craft this, some of the following components will be needed, depending on the recipe: an Assailant's piece of equipment, or a piece of standard or Inquisitor's equipment. Only Inquisitors can use this equipment.

There are six types of materials:

  • Simple
  • Usual
  • Unusual
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Please remember that if you cancel equipment crafting, you will get back only the materials – the Silver used for crafting is not returned.

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