Summoning and appointing an Inquisitor
Inquisitor’s Doctrines

Summoning and appointing an Inquisitor

To summon Inquisitors, upgrade the Palace to level 12 and build the Hall of Justice. After doing so, you will be able to summon the Inquisitor, Adrian Architect. To summon other Inquisitors, you will need their personal Candles. These items are also necessary to increase the Inquisitors’ Dignities. You can find Adrian Architect’s Candles in the Order Store or as part of Bank offers, while other Inquisitors’ Candles are only available from the Bank.

The appointed Inquisitor, summoned ones, and the Inquisitors who can be summoned are all displayed in the Inquisitors tab of the Hall of Justice. By clicking the "Appoint" button, you can change the active Inquisitor.