Orders War
Earning Points
End of the Orders War


You can take part in the Orders War if:

  • You are an Order member when the Tournament is announced
  • Your Order has earned at least 500,000,000 Power points
  • Your Kingdom was founded at least 30 days ago
  • Your Order had been created before the Tournament appeared in the "Soon to be active" box in the Events window
  • An opponent was found for your Order

Before the Tournament is announced, all Orders are paired up within their Leagues, depending on the number of Power points.

The level of its activity in the previous Orders War also affects an alliance's division. Depending on the number of checkpoints reached, all alliances are divided into four groups:

  1. Orders that didn't earn any points, or earned very few, and didn't reach the first checkpoint.
  2. Orders that passed the first checkpoint, but didn't reach the second.
  3. Orders that passed the second checkpoint, but didn't reach the fifth.
  4. Orders that passed the fifth checkpoint.

If an Order in one of the groups doesn't have a matching Order, then an alliance is picked out of the previous group.

If there's an odd number of participants in the Orders War, either the youngest alliance or the one that has the least number of Power points is excluded from the Tournament.

To see detailed information about your opponent, click on the enemy Order icon in the Orders War Tournament window.

In the Orders War, you can attack the Towns of any Lords from the enemy alliance, regardless of their Palace level. You can also attack the Towns of rulers that are not members of the enemy Order, but this will not give you points in the Tournament. Attacking Lords' Towns in the enemy Kingdom is possible only if they are members of an Order or their Palace level is higher than 15.

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