VIP status
Special VIP status bonuses


VIP status gives you a range of valuable bonuses, the number and effectiveness of which increase with each VIP level.

VIP status level depends on the number of VIP Points you have. You can get VIP Points in the following ways:

  • In the Item Store for Gold
  • In the Order Store for Personal Points
  • By upgrading the Hero’s level
  • As a reward for loyalty to the Kingdom
  • As a reward for passing checkpoints in Tournaments
  • In Bank offers

VIP status becomes active when the Lord reaches a certain number of VIP points required for a new VIP level. VIP status can also be activated using the VIP Status Activation item, which you can buy in the Item Store.

To get more detailed information about VIP points, your current VIP level, and its bonuses, click the VIP status icon on the Town screen. When VIP status is active, a timer appears below its icon and counts down its expiration time.

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