Joining an Order
Helping allied Lords
Personal Points and Order Points
Creating and disbanding an Order
Order Code


Lords can unite in Orders, which are special alliances. Order members can exchange resources, send reinforcements to each other and take part in Raids – joint attacks on other Lords.

You can find the main information about the Order in the Order window. A separate box contains the statistics for Order's victories and defeats in the Orders War, the number of Power points, and the Order's performance stats. By hitting this box, you can view flags with the Order's position in the Orders War, Power, and Performance categories in the global ranking.

You can learn more about ranking categories in the Rankings section.

In the Order window, you can also view:

  • Order's emblem
  • Name and userpic of the Order Master
  • Order language and admission type (open, regulated, or invite only)
  • Home Kingdom
  • Number of Order members
  • Coordinates of the Order Citadel (if it has been constructed)
  • Order membership, its statistics, and the Order wall

When in the information window of your Order, you can instantly go to the Order Store or the Order Citadel (if it has been constructed). You also gain access to the Code, Raids, and reports about all Order members' battles.