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Clan Competitions

All Clans are members of Leagues (Fifth League, Fourth League, Third League, Second League, First League and Top League), according to the number of Dominance points they possess.

Your Clan’s current League is indicated under both the Info tab and the Ranking tab. Your Clan can enter a higher League once Clan members have gained enough Dominance points to reach the league threshold. If you lose Dominance points, however, your Clan can end up in a lower League. Moving from one League to another is only possible after the Competition is over.

You have a certain amount of time to complete the Competition tasks. The timer shows how much time it is left until the Competition ends.

The tasks that Clan members should complete are displayed under the Info tab.

By completing the tasks, the members of the Clan earn the points needed to pass the checkpoints. Each checkpoint requires a certain number of points.

Once the checkpoint has been passed, the members of the Clan get the reward indicated under the Info tab. Please note that only those who have earned at least one point during the Competition will get their reward. Clansmen who have earned no points get no reward.

You may complete tasks any number of times until the Competition is over. The more points you earn, the better your Clan’s chances of taking a top place. Under the Clansmen tab, you can see the total number of points earned by your clansmen.

Members of top-placed Clans will get additional rewards. The Ranking tab displays the winning Clans in each of the Leagues.

By tapping on the Clan name, you will see the reward its Commanders will get if they win. The higher the League, the more substantial the reward.

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