Apostates and Apostate Masters
Apostate Masters

Apostate Masters

You can encounter Apostate Masters all over the Kingdom map. To attack them, you need to conduct the "Unlock Apostates I" Study. As a reward, you can receive rune shards, useful items, and resources.

Destroying Apostate Masters is similar to destroying regular Apostates, but with the following differences:

  • Apostate Masters have more health than level 6 Apostates.
  • They don't have a defense indicator or a level sign, but they have a special symbol.
  • Any Lord who has conducted the "Unlock Apostates I" Study can attack an Apostate Master. Your Inquisitor can hit an Apostate Master even if the Inquisitor's Doctrines and Studies have not been upgraded, but there is a chance that the enemy will not take any damage.
  • Apostate Masters drop more rune shards than regular Apostates do.
  • Attacking Apostate Masters brings more points during Tournaments than attacking regular Apostates.

After you destroy an Apostate Master, an Apostate Master's Crypt appears in his place. These Crypts have a special symbol above them, and you can yield resources and rune shards there. These locations exist for a set period of time or until the resources there have been exhausted.

Inquisitor's bonuses that affect Apostates also affect Apostate Masters.