Your gift
Bank purchases

Your gift

In this tab, you can see all the packages that you can receive as a gift. To obtain one of them, you need to fulfill one of the relevant requirements:
- Purchase something in the Bank.
- Purchase a certain amount of Gold.

If you set up a subscription that gives you Gold, only the bonus Gold counts toward the requirements of the "Purchase Gold" gift pack. The amount of this Gold is shown right after the name of the subscription. Gold that you receive during the time this kind of subscription is active doesn't count.

Any other Gold that you receive from Bank offers counts toward this gift pack's requirements.

Every gift package has its own requirements. In the "Your gift" tab, you can view how to receive a certain pack and track your progress in terms of fulfilling the requirements. If you fulfill the requirements for receiving a gift package, you will see a special marker on the tab.

You need to claim gift packages manually – they are not credited automatically. If the gift pack expires, and you fail to claim it, it will vanish.

If you claim all the packages, or if all the packages expire, the "Your gift" tab won't be displayed.

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