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Dominion Workshop

In the Dominion Workshop, you can craft Adventurer's equipment from materials obtained in the Dominion. The Adventurer receives various stat bonuses from equipment, which helps the Adventurer to successfully explore the Ruins.

The Dominion Workshop also gives you military bonuses, depending on its level, which can be increased by achieving three stars when exploring all the buildings on any street in the Dominion Ruins. The bonuses from the Dominion Workshop are displayed in the Statistics tab of the Palace.

The "Dominion equipment" tab contains five categories of equipment:

  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Belts
  • Boots

Weapons are divided into two categories:

  • Weapons for the right hand
  • Weapons for the left hand

You can set a filter for the category you need. To do so, select the filter panel and specify the required weapon category in the window that appears.

Equipment can be crafted instantly in exchange for Gold. You can craft equipment of any level, but you can only equip gear with a level equal to or lower than the Adventurer's level.

After selecting the equipment you need, you will proceed to the crafting window. Here, you can view information about the consumable components and Adventurer's level that are required, as well as the equipment category (if it is a weapon) and its bonuses.

If you don't have enough materials, the slot is highlighted in red. You can obtain materials in the following ways:

  • Receive them for victory over Marauders and their Leaders
  • Find them in Marauders' Coffers
  • Find them in Dominion Coffers
  • Purchase them in the Dominion Store

Some pieces of equipment cannot be crafted in the Dominion Workshop, but can only be obtained in the Ruins.

The Stock tab displays all the materials and equipment you've obtained or crafted in the Dominion.

Materials are sorted in descending order of the amount that you have. When you select a material's icon, a hint regarding how to obtain it will appear. The equipment list displays equipped gear first, followed by other pieces. Selecting a piece of equipment will take you to a screen that shows detailed information about it and displays the bonuses it provides. Remember: while an Adventurer is in the Ruins, you cannot change their equipment.

If the Stock is full, you cannot craft a new piece of equipment. To clear space, you can dismantle a piece of equipment that you already have (this will refund one of the materials that was used to craft it). To do so, select a piece of equipment and hit the "Dismantle" button.