Eternal Stronghold
Capturing and defending the Eternal Stronghold


Bonuses after capturing the Eternal Stronghold in your home Kingdom

While the Eternal Stronghold has Open or Guarded status, the Master of the Order holding the Stronghold gets 10,000,000 Personal Points every 24 hours.

The Order Master holding the Eternal Stronghold becomes the King and can give various Reputations to any players in the Kingdom. The Counsellors of the Order also get the right to give Reputations.

Bonuses after capturing the Eternal Stronghold in an enemy Kingdom

The Master of the Order that captured the enemy's Eternal Stronghold doesn't get Personal Points. However, the Master and the Counselors can assign Reputations to Lords from their home Kingdom and from the Kingdom that is their opponent in the worldwide Tournament.

Note: when the Eternal Stronghold acquires Assault status, it stops giving bonuses.

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