Eternal Stronghold
Capturing and defending the Eternal Stronghold

Capturing and defending the Eternal Stronghold

The Eternal Stronghold has three statuses:

  • Open
  • Assault
  • Guarded

Open status:

The Eternal Stronghold has this status until a Lord and their troops capture it or defeat the troops of another player that are already there. When one of these events happens, the Eternal Stronghold acquires Assault status.

Assault status:

When the Eternal Stronghold acquires this status, a 3-hour timer starts.

When the Eternal Stronghold has Assault status, it can be attacked by members of any Order. If over the course of 3 hours nobody manages to defeat the warriors defending the Eternal Stronghold, then it acquires Guarded status. If the Lord who has captured the Eternal Stronghold is defeated, then the Assault timer is reset to zero and starts to count down from 3 hours again.

Guarded status:

The Eternal Stronghold acquires this status when one of the Lords successfully defends it against attacks for 3 hours. As soon as this happens, the status changes to Guarded and a 24-hour timer starts.

It is impossible to attack the Eternal Stronghold when it is Guarded. All troops sent to attack it before the Eternal Stronghold acquired Guarded status will turn around after reaching their destination and return to their Lord’s Town. If the troops have been sent by a Lord from the Order defending the Eternal Stronghold, they automatically become its defenders.

The Eternal Stronghold has Guarded status for 24 hours and then it acquires Open status again and remains in this status until troops of another Lord destroy its defenders. When this happens, the Eternal Stronghold acquires Assault status again.

Important! There can be no more than 50 reinforcements in the Eternal Stronghold. Plan your actions carefully and send only the strongest warriors.

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