Characteristics of jewels
Fusing jewels
Enhancing equipment
Removing and destroying jewels
Jewel transformation

Enhancing equipment

In order to enhance the equipment with jewels, go to the Enhancing tab in the Gemmery.

The better its type, the more slots the piece of equipment has:
- Simple and usual equipment – one slot for a jewel
- Unusual and rare equipment – two slots for jewels
- Epic equipment – three slots for jewels
- Legendary equipment – three slots for jewels and one slot for a rune

The number of slots for legendary pieces of equipment that you can upgrade also depends on their upgrade level. At level 12, an additional slot for a jewel is unlocked, and at level 15, an additional slot for a rune is unlocked.

Remember that you cannot inlay multiple identical jewels (for example, two Onyxes) into one piece of equipment. The process of inlaying jewels into equipment is carried out instantly.

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