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Fusing jewels
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Jewel transformation

Fusing jewels

You can fuse jewels of different types, except for legendary. Each time, you will get a jewel of the higher type.

There are two ways to fuse jewels: for Gold, instantly, or for Silver (which takes time). When your VIP status reaches level 17, the ability to fuse simple jewels instantly will become available. Level up your VIP status in order to unlock instant fusion of usual, unusual, rare, and epic jewels.

To start fusing, go to the Fusion tab in the Gemmery.

On the screen you can see four slots for jewels of the same type and a slot that displays the fusion result.

If you have eight or more jewels of the same type, you can perform a bulk fusion. When you click the "Fuse" button, an additional window will open in which you can fuse an unlimited number of jewels.

For example, if you have 12 Corals of usual type, then one bulk fusion will produce 3 Corals of unusual type.

In addition, you can change the number of jewels for bulk fusion using the special slider at the bottom of the window.

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