Kingdoms War
Invasion and Return
Special Features
Earning Points
End of the Kingdoms War

End of the Kingdoms War

If you do not use the Return item before the end of the Kingdoms War, you will return to your home lands automatically. Your Town will appear in its previous place and replace the Shadow (which was holding your territory while you were in the enemy Kingdom).

Once the Kingdoms War is over, you will be instantly returned to your homelands. All your marches and attacks will be canceled, and your armies, carts, and Hero will appear in the Town.

There are four types of rewards for victory in the Kingdoms War:

  • Rewards that are available to all Lords of the triumphant Kingdom. These are special resource locations – Great Gold Mines – where the Gold yielding speed is significantly increased, as well as valuable bonuses that can be viewed in the Events window.
  • Rewards for an Order passing checkpoints in the Kingdoms War. To receive these rewards, you need to be an Order member and earn at least one point for completing Tournament tasks.
  • Rewards for personal achievements in the Kingdoms War and passing checkpoints. To receive these rewards, you must earn points and gain victory in the Tournament.
  • Rewards for taking a top place in the Kingdoms War Tournament ranking. The value of the rewards depends on the League your Order belongs to and its place in the ranking.

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