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Invasion and Return

At the start of the Kingdoms War, you will be able to relocate your Town into enemy territory. To do so, you will need the Invasion item. To move your Town back to your home Kingdom, use the Return item. You can find both of these items in the Bonuses tab of the Item Store, or in the location's information window on the enemy Kingdom map.

When you relocate your Town to enemy lands, the Shadow will remain in the location of your Town in your home Kingdom. The Town’s Shadow is a special location that prevents others from capturing this place. When you apply the Return item, your Town will reappear in place of the Town’s Shadow.

Using the Relocation and Runaway items allows you to move your Town within the enemy Kingdom. Remember that when you invade an enemy Kingdom, any previously activated Inaccessibility, Townscape, or Reputation given to you by the King continue to have an effect on your Town.

You can also change your home Kingdom by applying the Carriage item if the level of your Palace is 21 or higher.

Attention! If you change Kingdom during a Tournament, you won’t be able to continue participating in the contest. You will stop earning points for your previous Kingdom and won’t get them in the new one (even for personal achievements). Lords who attack your Town also won’t get points.

All Lords who are members of an Order can get the Invasion and Return items in the Information tab of the Events window.

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