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Constructing the Citadel
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Exiling from the Order Holdings
Creating Technologies and crafting equipment from the Arsenal
Crafting and upgrading traps

Constructing the Citadel

To view all conditions for constructing the Citadel, go to the My Order tab, the Order menu and select the Order Citadel section.

To construct the Citadel (as well as the buildings in it), the Order must have a certain amount of resources and Drafts. The latter are special items that can be purchased as part of Bank offers or in the Order Store using Personal Points. Alternatively, you can obtain them by attacking Alpha Assailants. Drafts are also required in order to conduct Studies in the Scholars' Hall and craft and upgrade traps in the Trap Workshop.

Note that the resources required to start construction are stored in the Order Master’s Town.

The Order Master needs to hit the "Add resources" button to replenish the resources in their own Town. Other Order members can send the required amount of resources and Drafts to the Master's Town by hitting the "Send resources" button.

Please note: if a Championship has been announced in the Arena, Lords can't send carts with resources and items to the Order Citadel. In addition, they won't be able to announce a Championship until all carts have returned from the Order Citadel. Read more about the Championship in the Championship section.

As soon as all construction conditions are met, the Order Master will be able to start the Citadel construction process.

Choose the location for constructing the Order Citadel wisely. Remember that if you cancel construction, the resources you have spent will not be returned, and you will be unable to relocate the Order Citadel. Moreover, the Order Citadel should be placed at a distance of more than 16 tiles from another Citadel.

As soon as Citadel construction starts, each Order member will be able to speed up the process. To do this, click the “Boost” button and apply the Order Citadel Boost item.

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