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Exiling from the Order Holdings

The Tribunal, which can be built in the Order Citadel, grants the ability to exile Lords who are not members of your Order or Pact from the Order Holdings. Upgrading this building increases the area of its influence.

To exile strangers, you need special items – Stamped Papers. You can get them by attacking Alpha Assailants or purchase them:

  • In the Item Store
  • In the Order Store for Personal Points
  • As part of Bank offers

If you have the required number of Stamped Papers, select a Lord’s Town that is located on the lands that are under the Tribunal's influence, then in a new window click the "Exile" button. After this action, the Town will be relocated from the Order Holdings to a random spot on the Kingdom map.

You cannot exile Lords if:

  • They relocated their Towns to another spot in the home Kingdom or to an enemy Kingdom during a worldwide Tournament
  • They have joined your Order or Pact
  • You have been exiled from the Order
  • The Master has demolished the Order Citadel
  • The Master has disbanded the Order
  • You have relocated your Town to an enemy Kingdom during a worldwide Tournament

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