Order Citadel
Constructing the Citadel
Citadel Buildings
Special Resources
Exiling from the Order Holdings
Creating Technologies and crafting equipment from the Arsenal
Crafting and upgrading traps


The Order Citadel is a special Castle that can be constructed by any Order. Within the Citadel, new buildings are constructed, special Studies are conducted, Championships are announced, and unique resources are produced. All these are necessary to strengthen and develop the Citadel.

The Citadel is surrounded by the Order Holdings. The Order members whose Towns are placed in this special territory get many additional bonuses.

Remember that the processes that happen in the Order Citadel cannot be influenced by:

  • Activated boosts
  • Applied Hire Craftsman and Hire Scholar items
  • Bonuses from the Events window
  • Bonuses of the current Townscape
  • Bonuses for victory in the Kingdoms War and Kingdoms War: Retribution Tournaments

Important! Only the Order Master can demolish the Order Citadel. To do this, go to the "Building: Town Hall" window, to the Profile tab, then click the "Demolish" button.

Note: the resources you spent constructing the Order Citadel will not be returned.

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