Rune characteristics
Rune creation and fusion
Imperial runes
Enhancing equipment with runes
Removing and destroying runes

Imperial runes

These are runes that grant a unique combination of bonuses for the selected troop type. To create Imperial runes, upgrade your Rune Workshop to level 35. All the Imperial runes that you currently have are displayed in the Storeroom tab.

Imperial rune types:

  • Spearman runes
  • Ranged runes
  • Cavalry runes
  • Knight runes
  • Scout runes
  • Siege runes

To create an Imperial rune, go to the Creating tab in the Rune Workshop. Then select the troop type for which you want to create a rune – this affects the rune's bonuses.

When you create a rune, it receives one random bonus from the list. The value of the bonus is also selected at random from the given range. To view all the possible bonuses and the ranges of their values, select the icon of the required troop type and then select "List of bonuses."

Imperial runes are created using Runic Dust and Gold. To obtain Runic Dust, transform runes in the Storeroom tab.

Imperial runes can be upgraded up to level 3. Every upgrade grants a rune one new random bonus of a random value from the given range. To upgrade Imperial runes, you also need Runic Dust and Gold.

The processes of creating and upgrading Imperial runes are both instant. If you've started a rune fusion process, you will be temporarily unable to work with Imperial runes.

You can inlay a piece of equipment with two Imperial runes of the same troop type at once. Two runes can be inlaid into a legendary piece of equipment of upgrade level 15.

Add Imperial runes to your Favorites – that way, the runes will always be displayed at the top of the list in the Storeroom tab.