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Royal Isles

The Royal Isles consist of five archipelagos. Each of them includes the following:

  • A central island: Lords can protect their Towns with Inaccessibility while in this location.
  • The Misty Woods: six small islands around the central island. They have Forts on them – Castles that Orders must defend and attack in turn during the course of the Tournament.

You can't be in the Misty Woods and have Inaccessibility active in your Town at the same time. Once you relocate to the Misty Woods, the Inaccessibility will be deactivated automatically.

You can relocate within the territory of all the Isles using the Relocation item. You can also attack other Lords' Towns and send Raids and scouts to them.

You cannot use the Runaway item on the Royal Isles.

The map of the Isles has all the features of the Kingdom map (the Watchman, landmarks, the mini-map, etc.) except for the following:

  • You cannot proceed to the Order Citadel from this map.
  • When using the Watchman, you can only search for other Lords' Towns.
  • The mini-map shows members of your Order, your opponents, your Order's Forts, and the opposing Order's Forts.

The following rules apply on the Royal Isles:

  • The Master cannot disband the Order or transfer power to another Order member.
  • Lords cannot quit their Order, create a new one, or join another Order.
  • The Master and Counselors can expel a Lord from the Order. In this case, the Lord will remain on the Royal Isles but won't be able to attack Forts.
  • Lords earn Trophies of Arms for destroying all warriors except for those belonging to rulers from their home Kingdom.

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