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Setting traps

During the defense phase, the Master and Counselors can enhance the defenses of the Order's Forts by using traps that provide bonuses against various troop types. Only one trap can be set in each Fort, and it will only be active for one phase.

Before using traps, you need to upgrade them to level 1 in the Trap Workshop in the Order Citadel.

To set a trap:

  1. Hit the "Set a trap" button in the Fort window.
  2. Go to the tab with the troop type against which you want to set a trap.
  3. Once you've selected the desired trap, hit the "Set the trap" button.

Traps can have different bonuses, and you will need different amounts of Glittering Dust to set them. If you do not have enough, replenish your Resource Warehouse stocks in the Order Citadel.

Remember that each trap can only be set once during the Tournament.

When preparing for the next defense phase, the Master and Order Counselors can set any other available trap in the Fort.